#Storiesby Bobo visits Afterburn Fitness

This past Friday I went to Afternburn Fitness to visit the training facility that Team Minekee Dragon Boat Team trains at. It was very interesting to see the equipment and get to know more about the environment that we train with.

Afterburn Fitness is the only place in Toronto to have a built in paddling pool for paddlers. After training there for 5 months, our team has definitely improved after attending training sessions there.

During my adventure there I was able to speak to our coach, Terrence. He has trained our team for the past season. Terrence demonstrated how the paddling pool worked and it is a remarkable facility that we are really fortunate to use!  And, while at Afterburn I was able to also chat with the owner of the facility, Andrew. They both gave me a thorough explanation of the facility which really is fantastic!

During the season, Team Minekee trains in the gym section of Afterburn Fitness for an hour and then we switch over to the pool for another hour.  This training will enable our team to be ready for the upcoming season and prepare us for outdoor training on Lake Ontario!

Andrew showed me around the gym and gae me insight on the different types of athletes that train at the gym. From Olympic athletes to everyday people, the gym offers a variety of machines. Afterburn is a great place for paddlers to train during the winter season as it allows them to prepare for the upcoming season and gives them a head start.

It was a great experience to be able to have an insight on the facility and I thank Terence and Andrew for their warm and welcoming hospitality during my time at Afterburn Fitness!  Thank you!

Be sure to check out my video report!

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