The HoHo Holiday 5K Run at Downsview Park

On Saturday, November 23rd, the MKTV Media Team visited the #HoHoHoliday 5k Run at Downsview Park. We had an awesome time watching the marathon and interviewing participants!

When I arrived, the site was spectacular, even better than I expected. Everyone was in Santa outfits, Christmas music blasted through the air, and although it was cold, I could barely feel it because of the holiday atmosphere! It felt so festive like it was already Christmas. 

Through various interviews, it was evident how inspirational the race was. Families loved it, and it was either an implemented family tradition or a newly developed one. There were children, the elderly, and even pets participating together. Some people travelled to Toronto, out of their excitement for this event. 

I’m looking forward to attending next year’s HoHoHoliday Marathon, whether it’s as a visitor, a volunteer, or a runner. Hopefully, it’ll become even more festive throughout its course!

Storiesby Victoria
The  HoHo Holiday 5K Run
Downsview Park
Sat. Nov. 23rd, 2019
TSMN 2019

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