The Ignite Fair 2019

On Saturday November 9th, the MKTVMedia team attended the Ignite Fair at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. The fair, now in its fifth year, is a student-run event that gives hundreds of youths a chance to view volunteer opportunities with a variety of non-profit organizations and charities doing work right in their communities! The goal of the fair is for all youth to have a more meaningful volunteer experience.

At the event, the MKTV team conducted a number of interviews learning things such as the fact that the fair has offered over 2000 volunteer opportunities since it began 5 years ago.  We also learned that over 75 organizations have been represented at the fair with 40 at this year’s event alone!  So, it has  really grown into something very special.

There were many booths set up with accessible non-profit organizations that provide volunteer opportunities for people of all ages. This year was a busy year for this event and every part of the centre was very crowded. There were booths set up for “Relay for Life” by the Canadian Cancer Society, York Region Youth Action Group, Water Ambassadors Canada, The Salvation Army and many more.

This event, furthermore, seems to have really influenced the actions of many local youth introducing them to people in need as well as to organizations that serve these needy individuals.

As you will learn in our upcoming video segments, people of all ages walked into the Ignite Fair at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts with close to no idea about what it was all about and left with a whole new perspective of community service and some awesome volunteer experiences!  Thank you to everyone who spoke with us and congratulations to the organizing team that put together this fantastic event!

I’m Minsi, thank you for reading!  See you soon on MKTV part of the Toronto Student Media Network!

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