Victoria speaks with Shannon Crossman at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

On Monday, July 29th,  I and my Team Minekee teammates went to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital to conduct interviews with members of the hospital staff.  I had the honour of speaking with Shannon Crossman who is the team lead in music and arts and also the coordinator of the Spiral Garden.
During the interview, I was able to understand more in-depth about the treatments and fun and interesting music and art activities that Shannon and her team conduct with patients there at the hospital!  Creativity is something that is in all of us and I was so happy to learn – and see some of the great work and creativity in Shannon’s art space with its soaring 2 story windows with lots of beautiful natural light flowing into space!

The Arts activities and the Spiral Garden really help bring out the creativeness in the children and its fantastic that the hospital can have this environment.  Shannon and her team strive to really let the children’s imaginations and creativity run free which is so wonderful!

As someone who is very interested in the arts my conversation with Shannon reaffirmed my belief in the arts as being very therapeutic and from my understanding a valuable part in the holistic approach to patient care at Holland Bloorview.

In closing, I would like to thank Shannon and Holland Bloorview for having us and TStv at the hospital!  It is a fantastic place full of inspiring and gentle people who genuinely care for the patients in their care.  It was an eye-opening experience being in this gorgeous facility that is dedicated to the rehabilitation and care of kids and I hope to keep a connection to the hospital hopefully with outreach efforts with Team Minekee.
I’m Victoria.  Please watch my interview with Shannon on Youtube:
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