Team Minekee at the Mississauga Dragon Boat Festival

Today, June 9th, 2019, was the 16th annual #MDBF2019 (Mississauga Dragon Boat Festival.) This event was held at the mouth of the Credit River in Port Credit and was an extraordinary event. MDBF raises funds for Cardiac Kids, a non-profit group established in 2000 to help children, in support of the SickKids Foundation. Their objective is to raise money for children with congenital heart disease. These funds are used to support the children and staff in the cardiology ward at the Hospital for Sick Children. Team MineKee not only participated in this fantastic event but also had an extremely successful performance, earning medals.
Team MineKee won first in the finals. Each team races in two heats and one final. During the first heat, MineKee achieved the first place out of four teams, with a time of 1m and 02s. Unfortunately, the second race was not as strong, placing four out of five, with a time of 1:01:47. Despite this turn of events, MineKee was able to end the festival strong. MineKee won first during the final round. They won against York University and the University of Toronto’s teams. As a result, their boat was one entire boat ahead of the competition, winning Group C’s 200m, with a time of 57s.

I have been a member of MineKee since last year, allowing me to feel exceedingly proud of this achievement. Last year, we were the 2018 GWN Sports Regatta Open Division Champions, but afterwards, we did not win any more races. Nevertheless, our performance this year has significantly improved. Winning gold medals has boosted our team’s morale and spirit, helping further unite MineKee. This accomplishment provides us with the confidence that we can and will continue to succeed in the future.

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